The Lethal Weapon Drinking Game

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. Don't get alcohol poisoning or like, drive or anything. We also don't condone underage drinking. Or screaming at your suicidal partner and shoving a gun at them. Or handcuffing yourself to a potential jumping and leaping off a ledge, or going on a rescue mission without backup, or joking about fucking your partner’s underage child. Eeesh.

Drink whenever:

- someone calls Riggs “crazy” 

- there is blatant exposition

- there’s a saxophone riff

- there’s a Christmas reference

- they’re talking about trust

- Mel’s accent slips

- Riggs doesn’t read someone their rights

- Murtaugh’s daughter is sexualized

Shot when: 

- “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

- Mel holds a gun against his head

Chug while:

- Murtaugh is in the tub

- Riggs is on the ledge

- Mel Gibson does martial arts

Finish your drink when the lethal weapon is love.

Be safe, friends. Take care of yourselves and each other.