American Pie Drinking Game

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. Don't get alcohol poisoning or like, drive or anything. We also don't condone underage drinking.  Or lying to women, or continuing to string along a partner when they're in love and you're not, or being rude to Alyson Hannigan. She is our baby, and we will fight you. 

Drink whenever: 

- someone masturbates/talks about masturbating

- Jim's dad explains very obvious things about human bodies and sex to him

- Stifler tells his friends to just chill and stop being weird about sex

- Sherman relates to the Terminator

- Finch drinks a pretentious beverage

- Kevin complains about blow jobs

- Oz is confused by the idea of having conversations with girls/complains about being "sensitive"

- Jim is dismissive of Michelle as she talks to him 

- Kevin talks openly about not loving his girlfriend 

- Jessica urges her best friend to have sex when she's not sure she's ready without any clear motive 

- someone asks about a Finch rumor

- Oz sings poorly

Shot when: 

- "Suck me, beautiful!" 

- the members of Blink 182 watch Jim cum next to a naked teenage girl who does not know she is being filmed

- Sherman pees his pants

- "Say my name, bitch!"

Chug while:

- Kevin is mandating the pact

- Finch is shitting at school

Finish your drink when: 

Nadia inexplicably video chats with Jim even though he filmed her without her consent and got her kicked out of the country. 

If someone records you undressing and/or having sex without your consent, that is illegal. That fact is compounded if you are underage. If you're not comfortable reporting them, email us. We'll come perform a hexing ritual outside their house, or possibly commit some light arson if we're feeling saucy.

Remember friends, consent is sexy. Consent is key. Consent is FUCKING NECESSARY. Check in with your partners. If they aren't enthusiastic, check in again. Sex should always be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Be respectful and be safe.