A Few Good Men Drinking Game

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. Don't get alcohol poisoning or like, drive or anything. We also don't condone underage drinking. Or stuffing a rag down anyone's throat. We especially don't advise giving an important job to an unqualified yet incredibly egotistical man who believes yelling a bunch of empty nonsense equals competency, over an extremely qualified woman whom he mocks incessantly. I'm talking about the movie guys, what else could I possibly mean?!

Drink whenever:

- the camera lingers on a memorial statue

- Tom Cruise is disrespectful to a superior officer (two drinks if it's Demi Moore)

- Demi yells at Tom to inspire him to greatness even though she's more than capable of handling it herself

- Tom holds a bat

- Kevin Pollack " has no responsibilities"

- Tom manages to somehow even eat in a rude way

- "unit, corps, God, country"

- someone does or does not have honor

Shot when: 

- someone has to explain a basic military term to Tom Cruise, a member of the Navy

- someone uses inappropriate sexual language to establish dominance over Demi Moore

- Hal shoves his hands in his pockets

- "You're a lousy fucking softball player, Jack!"

- Tom grabs the book from Jack in the courtroom

Chug during:

- "I've been promoted faster than you" speech

- "Say please" monologue 

- "You can't handle the truth!" monologue

Finish your drink: "I gotta go arrest Kendrick."

If you have to choose between assaulting someone in any scenario other than self-defense and, ya know, not...the right thing should be obvious. Then again, when you have the choice between a loudmouth who has no knowledge or experience to back up his words and a highly intelligent, determined and qualified woman, you would think the right choice would be obvious. Think things through, friends. And remember: unit, corps, cats, planet.