The Fight Club Drinking Game

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. Don't get alcohol poisoning or like, drive or anything. We also don't condone underage drinking. Or terrorism, or emotionally abusing your partner, or punching people in the face (unless they're Nazis). Basically, if you're super impressionable, don't crash this party. 

Drink whenever: 

  • someone breaks the fourth wall
  • you see Brad Pitt before they meet
  • a support group is named
  • he calls Marla a tourist
  • someone says "bitch tits"
  • he's unnecessarily rude to Marla
  • you see a Starbucks cup (hint: David Fincher hid one in every scene)
  • someone says IKEA
  • Brad Pitt takes his shirt off
  • Brad Pitt wears stupid sunglasses
  • someone waxes poetic about "being free" or "really living" in regards to beating the shit out of people for no reason
  • he randomly bumps into a member of Fight Club out in the world

Shot whenever: 

  • you see a penguin 
  • Tyler almost kills them
  • they try to cut off someone's testicles
  • something explodes

Chug while: 

  • he talks about women being useless
  • the chemical burn is happening
  • he fights himself

Finish your drink:

  • "You met me at a very strange time in my life."

If your partner treats you like that, break up with them immediately and end all contact. If you know someone who behaves like Edward Norton or Brad Pitt, call Homeland Security, because you've stumbled upon a white terrorist cult.

Be safe, y'all! Don't get so drunk that you start hitting yourself in a parking lot.