The Big Lebowski Drinking Game

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. Don't get alcohol poisoning or like, drive or anything. We also don't condone underage drinking, or being mean to Donny. Or being friends with Walter. Or being part of a bowling league with a pedophile. Or really any of the decisions made in this movie.

We totally do not recommend doing a J every time the Dude does a J, because that is illegal and we are upright law-abiding citizens over here, thank you very much. (But no, we don’t mind, man.)

Grab your White (Caucasian) Russians and your most disgusting robes, folks. We’re going bowling.


Take a drink whenever:

  • Walter tells Donny to shut the fuck up
  • Walter postulates about Vietnam justifying his behavior
  • Walter references converting to Judaism
  • a character uses a racist slur
  • the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers are mentioned
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman laughs uncomfortably
  • someone mentions the rug (two drinks if “it ties the room together”) 

Shot when:

  • someone gets a strike
  • Walter should get arrested for threat of a deadly weapon in public
  • Walter should get arrested for reckless endangerment
  • Walter should get arrested for vandalism
  • Walter should get arrested for assault
  • someone slut-shames Bunny

Chug while:

  • there’s a dream sequence happening
  • Jesus is bowling
  • a ferret is in the bathtub

Finish your drink: 

  • “The dude abides.”


Be safe, friends, and if someone pees on your rug… use a carpet cleaner. It’ll be fine.