Greetings, imaginary friends!

As you may have gleaned, my name is Ryn, and I'm sick of the lack of diverse representation in media. Hence, a podcast where I talk with my best friend about movies starring white dudes that other white dudes love to worship. They love seeing themselves, white straight dudes, getting to have a million different kinds of experiences and adventures while fucking sexy one-dimensional white women. They feel that they are entitled to this. And if a movie they would otherwise want to see centers around a woman, a person of any other race, or a queer person, they get pissed. How are they supposed to enjoy a story that isn't about them?!?!

Yeah. The rest of us have only been having to strain to see ourselves in these boring white male characters for, oh, the entire history of media. 

This is obviously just skimming the surface of this issue. White women get only a certain kind of story, men of color only get a certain kind of story, and women of color get barely any stories at all. White queer men are pigeonholed but still are on the screen more than white queer women, who are more visible that queer men of color, with queer women of color on the worst end of that spectrum as well. Trans and nonbinary characters have only recently started to be represented at all, and of course, they're usually white. 

When any of us do get any quality representation, white dudes freak the fuck out about pandering and "political correctness" (which, of course, is just an inane and idiotic synonym for basic respect and human decency). 

But the thing is... we exist.

The world shown to us on our screens and in our books says that everyone is white, everyone is straight, that for every group of twenty people, eighteen of them are white dudes, one is a white woman for them all to ogle, and one is some form of racial minority so they can claim diversity. 

The actual world? A myriad sea of every different kind of human. It really shouldn't be such a battle to get our media to reflect that. 


A goal of mine is to create a review site that rates movies based on representation as well as quality. For now it'll just have to live here as a blog. Baby steps, right?

Welcome to Beyond Bechdel. We're gonna have fun here. <3