Greetings, imaginary friends! Your hosts, Ryn and Jenna, are roommates and platonic life partners who spend an exorbitant amount of time on the couch surrounded by their five glorious cats, watching good movies, bad movies, and everything in between. They're super pumped to meet you (and desperate for your love and validation), so feel free to say hi!


Jenna Bradley is a standup comedian and full-time asexual panromantic boner-killer with a day job that she nearly quits on the reg. She loves movies of all types and has a real soft spot for the 2000 Michael Bay classic Armageddon. She can be found on twitter @JennaOvershares, on the gram @vivaldii, and in coffee shops writing overly wordy jokes about feminism and mental illness.



Kathryn Burns is a bipolar, polyamorous, pansexual, cat-collecting novelist, feminist warlord, and wannabe programmer who uses entirely too many descriptors in the hopes that you'll think she's too busy and interesting to take two naps a day. When awake, she'll probably tell you your taste in movies is wrong. Loudly. If you see a dog who needs pets, let her know at @shesarynegade on insta or her tumblr, youfuckingegg. She also runs a lifestyle blog with her fiancee. 

Jenna is responsible for the seamless editing of each episode, while Ryn is the brain child behind all of the silly extra features. 

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